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These collectible cards were put in cigarette packs as an incentive to buy the product and also served as a stiffener to protect the cigarettes from crushing. There were many subjects depicted on the cards, (animals, ships, military uniforms, politicians to name a few). Originally printed in the 1880's, production ceased in 1894 when the American Tobacco Company brokered a monopoly of the companies producing the cards and decided against their use. In 1909, production began again and the Hassan Tobacco Cards date from 1909-1915. The lighthouse set numbered 50 cards which were printed in 1912. Four New Jersey Lighthouses were included in the set: Absecon, Barnegat, Cape May and Navesink. The set of 50 today is worth about $250-$500.00 depending upon condition. All 50 different cards featured here.

The text that appears with the pictures comes from the back of the cards.

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List below is of all the lighthouse cards printed, in alphabetical order.
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