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Last Update 8/6/20

 Community Outreach



Well, there’s not much to “wrap up”.  COVID-19 cancelled all of the outreach events we had planned for 2020.
The organizers for these events are hoping to be able to resume in 2021, and if they do, we plan to participate.
We are always looking for people to help out at our booth, so we will post the tentative schedule here
as soon as we know it, and you can mark your calendars.

Hoping everyone is staying safe and healthy.



   Social Networking Update

As always, a friendly reminder to check out the Society’s presence on Facebook & Twitter!  While you’re at it, please recommend that others become our “fans” on Facebook.  We’re easy to find: either search the Society name in the search bar on Facebook, or navigate to www.facebook.com/njlhs.  I’m happy to report that, as of this writing, MORE THAN 1058 people “like” our page as of this writing.  If you’re not of these many “fans” yet, just look us up and “like us” today.  Also let me know if you have a favorite lighthouse or lighthouse organization or interest group page that we should “like” on the NJLHS page.  We’ve been pleased to share some great updates recently from the folks at the Absecon Lighthouse.


Also, as a time saving device, our Facebook page so that all of the content posted automatically publishes on the NJLHS account on Twitter. You may find us at www.twitter.com/njlhs or on Twitter by typing out our Twitter “handle”: @njlhs in the Twitter search field.  You can now keep up to date via your smartphone, iPad/tablet, and (of course) your notebook or desktop computer.


The Society also continues to publish notices of our General Membership Meetings to more than 50 media venues (newspapers/radio/websites) throughout the state.  However, we are always looking to add outlets to our media list.  It seems that, as soon as we add an outlet to the list that, due to continued budgetary cutbacks at various media outlets, we lose one or two contacts on our media list.  In light of this reality, please share with me contact info (email address) for any media outlets that you feel would like to receive our media notices.  These could include newspaper, radio, TV, or web-based resources.  I’ll be happy to add anyone to our media distribution list.


Thanks so much everyone…and keep the lights shining!


Speaker's Bureau/Educational Outreach

The New Jersey Lighthouse Society Speakers Bureau provides speakers to a variety of organizations including primary schools, fraternal, social and historical groups throughout the State.

The presentations are about 60-75 min long and feature a PowerPoint presentation. Although they are free of charge, most recipients make a donation to NJLHS thus making this a fund raising endeavor.

For more information please contact us at: speakersbureau@njlhs.org

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