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The 'Lighthouse Challenge of New Jersey'

will be October 15th & 16th, 2022









NJLHS started the New Jersey Lighthouse Challenge in October 2000.
  In 2010 the Keepers of New Jersey took over running the Challenge.

Below are photos showing the history of the Challenge souvenirs for
 the first ten years from 2000 to 2009.

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NJLHS has a strong outreach program both to education and to the community.  We want to educate New Jersey to the secret hidden
 in New Jersey.


Below is a display of our presentations using miniature lighthouses.
   Please enjoy.

Can you answer these questions?

            In what year was the Statue of Liberty considered a lighthouse?
        What 3 lighthouses were designed by the same engineer?
        What are the names of the 3 land based lighthouses in the western                 part of New Jersey?
        What kind of lighthouse is Hereford?
        Name all the other lighthouses of the Hereford type?

        Send your answers to:

Finns Point

Finns Point Rear Range Lighthouse is a lighthouse, which we have worked with for years.  Here is a video of Finns Point created by one of our members, Mark Dameika, in order to assist the Friends of Supawna Meadows, the friends group for Finns Point Lighthouse. If you missed it, view it with

the link below.



Below are more pictures from Mark of Finns Point and the surrounding area.  Can you see the Delaware River?

(click picture to enlarge)


Below see the inside of Supawna Refuge building with the gift shop NJLHS helped to create and the display case created by one of our members to
show case the original lens from Finns Point Rear Range Lighthouse.




August 7th is National Lighthouse Day to commemorate the Signing by President George Washington the creation of the Lighthouse Service as
 one of the first laws passes by the First Congress in 1789.  NJLHS gives certificates to young students who visit one of our lighthouses on that day
 or a close weekend.

Tinicum Rear Range Lighthouse Needs Volunteers

The success of any lighthouse group is directly related to its ability to attract volunteers. If you would be interested in volunteering at the Tinicum Rear Range Lighthouse in Paulsboro, NJ, please contact  Marc Kamp at (856) 423-1554. We need volunteers as tour guides, to help with the newsletter, membership, publicity, research and much more. If you are interested in history and lighthouses or you just love Paulsboro, give us a call. We are also interested in hearing from anyone who has pictures, memorabilia or stories about our lighthouse.

All meetings are held at the Paulsboro Municipal Building, 1121 North Delaware Street, Paulsboro, NJ at 7:00 p.m. on the 2nd Thursday of each month. All Welcome!

Web site:

“Stairway to the Stars” at Cape May Lighthouse

The perfect ending to a Cape May day—Climb the Cape May Lighthouse at night and see the sky ablaze with stars. Tours include a trolley ride from Cape May to Cape May Point featuring an entertaining narrated tour. 8:00 p.m. Other tours available(all tours seasonal). Sponsored by the Mid Atlantic Center for the Arts (MAC). For more information, call 609-884-5404 or 800-275-4278 or visit

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