Deepwater Range Lights - Deepwater, NJ

Both photos from
 Coast Guard Historians Office

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The Deepwater Range lights were first lighted the night of November 15, 1876. The front range stood in the village of Deepwater, New Jersey on the north side of the Salem Canal at 39 41' 12" north latitude by 75 30' 34" west longitude. The Front Range was nearly identical to the Finns Point Front Range light and may have been based upon the same plan. The Deepwater front light had large black day marks comprised of horizontal slates. The rear range light was an iron tower much like the present Finns Point Rear Range.

Both front and rear range lights were automated 1937-1938. The rear range light was believed to have been torn down shortly thereafter.

The Front Range was decommissioned in 1952. The Dupont Corporation purchased the property and built a factory upon the site and the surrounding area. The Rear range light was torn down in 1956. It was the construction of the Delaware Memorial Bridge in 1951 that made the lighthouse obsolete.

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One of the keepers was Captain William Spear.

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