Barnegat Lightship - Camden, NJ

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Docked in Camden

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1904-1910 Station Five Fathom Bank (NJ)
1910 equipped with submarine bell signal
1910-1918 Station Five Fathom Bank (NJ)
1918 equipped with radio
1918-1921 Station Five Fathom Bank (NJ)
1921 375mm acetylene lens laterns mounted at mastheads, latern houses removed
1921-1924 Station Five Fathom Bank (NJ)
1924-1926 Station Relief (3rd District)
1927-1928 Station Barnegat (NJ)
1928 Illuminating apparatus converted to electric operation
1928-1930 Station Barnegat (NJ)
1930 equipped with radio beacon
1930-1931 Station Barnegat (NJ)
July 1931 Re-powered with Diesel, Cooper-Bessemer 310 HP main engine, 5' dia 4 bladed propeller, max speed 7 knots
1931-1933 Station Barnegat (NJ)
1933 Fog signal changed to air diaphragm horn, 17" Leslie typhoon
1933-1942 Station Barnegat (NJ)
1942-1945 during WWII withdrawn from station and based at Edgemoor (DE)
1945-1952 Station Barnegat (NJ)
1952 USCG lists the vessel with one 375mm 15,000cp lens lantern in foremast only, fog signal and power as above
1952-1967 Station Barnegat (NJ)

On March 3, 1967 it was  decommissioned and on October 13, 1967 donated to Chesapeake Maritime Museum, St. Michaels (MD), remaining there until early 1970s when it was sold sold to the  Heritage Ship Guild for floating display at Penns Landing, Philadelphia (PA). The group disbanded and transferred ownership to the present owner Mr. Rod Sadler and a new group called Camden Museum and Learning Center. Mr. Sadler, owner of the Pyne Poynt Marine Services wants to refurbish the ship and move it to the Camden waterfront but unfortunately it is sitting in the mud at his private location in Camden (NJ) today. This lightship is endangered and even if it is a National Historic Landmark, it is sitting in  mud. Pumps run during high tides to keep water out and its hull is fragile. The lightship is intact and has all its equipment. Its future is uncertain.

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