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Pictures from Mastoris 2018 Holiday Luncheon



     The “Holiday Gift Basket” Committee (Donna Bishop, Judy Boucher, and Kathy Lanzim)
 would like to thank everyone for their support of this year’s event.
When we decided to ask people to donate finished baskets for the raffle,
 we had no idea of the overwhelming response we would receive! 
We had 47 items for our raffle, and raised $715.00 for the Society. 

     It’s never too soon to start thinking about December 2019!!
We will again ask people to bring completed baskets on the day of the luncheon,
 so keep that in mind as you receive items during the year that you may want
to “re-gift”…if you win something at a fundraiser that you really don’t need…or
 see something in a store or gift shop that might make a nice prize. 
If you are a “crafter”, you have 11 months to work on a project….handmade
items are always a popular gift!  They don’t have to be “lighthouse themed”….
but those kinds of prizes are always very popular, and this year was no exception.

     Thank again to those who donated items, and to those who bought tickets.
Your support of the New Jersey Lighthouse Society is appreciated!


Brett Franks presents Judy Boucher
 with a society award


Pictures from Mastoris 2017 Holiday Luncheon



A special THANK YOU to Mike McGowan for taking the pictures

Directions to Absecon Lighthouse: Once in Atlantic City, turn north on either Atlantic Ave. or Pacific Ave. From Pacific Ave.,
turn left onto Rhode Island Ave. and park in front of the lighthouse, or turn left on Vermont Ave. and use parking lot on lighthouse property.
From Atlantic Ave., turn right onto either Rhode Island Ave. or Vermont Ave.

Congress approved the building of Absecon Lighthouse: August 1854.

Land for the lighthouse was transferred to the federal government by the Camden and Atlantic Land Company on December 5, 1854 for the sum of $520.

The engineer was Lt. George Gordon Meade (of the Battle of Gettysburg, Civil War fame). Construction was started by Major Hartman Bache,
continued by Lt. George Meade and completed by Lt. Col. William Raynolds.

Absecon Lighthouse was first lighted: January 15, 1857

Characteristic: Fixed white light of the first order

Lens: Made by L. Sautter of Paris, France in 1854 especially for Absecon Lighthouse

Height from ground to top of ventilator: 171”

Steps to watch room: 228, 12 more to lantern room for a total of 240 steps

Focal plane: 167”

Range: 19.5 nautical miles or 20 standard miles

Diameter: at base- 26” 4’ – at top: 12”

Inside diameter: 10” from ground to watch room

Bricks used for original construction: 598,634

Decommissioned July 11, 1933


Daymark (The outside color of the tower changed many times):

            1857: Natural brick

            1871: White, red, white

            1897: Orange, black, orange

            Early 1900’s: Yellow, black, yellow (1902 or earlier)

            (Decommissioned on July 11, 1933)

            1948: White, blue, white (with a blue lantern room) Owned by the city of Atlantic

                      City. These were the city’s colors.

            Early 1970’s:White, red, white (for second time) now owned by state of NJ.

            1998: Yellow, black, yellow (These were the colors that it wore for the longest

                       period of time. Also the colors it was painted during the period 

                       of interpretations selected for historic reasons (From the time the lantern

                       was electrified [1925] to the time it was decommissioned [1933].


Placed on New Jersey Register of Historic Places: (August 13 or September 11, 1970)

Placed on National Register of Historic Places: January 25, 1971

Principal Keepers of Absecon Lighthouse:

            Daniel L. Scull – 1857

            William Bartlett - 1861                    

            John F. Nixon – 1865

            Abraham G. Wolf – 1873

            Thomas Bills – 1896

            Knud Hanson 1914


In addition to the principal keeper, there were two assistant keepers.

At least 26 men and one woman held the title of Keeper of Absecon Lighthouse during its years as an active aide to navigation.


During Absecon Lighthouse’s 76 years of service at least fourteen children were born there and at least seven people, including one infant, died there.


1988: The Inlet Public/Private Association (IPPA) was formed to advocate for the redevelopment of the Inlet section of Atlantic City.
It immediately adopted the lighthouse as its logo.

1994 - 1995: The IPPA adopted Absecon Lighthouse for restoration purposes and had a Historic Structure Report done with a $50,000
grant from the city of Atlantic City. Architectural Firm of Watson & Henry prepared the HSR.

1997: Restoration of tower and reconstruction of keeper’s house were started.

1998: On July 6th, the nearly completed keeper’s residence was lost in a fire. The tower was not harmed.

1999: The tower was opened to visitors in April. The lantern was relit on a daily basis.

2000: Rebuilding of the keeper’s residence was once more resumed.

2001: The newly reconstructed keeper’s house was opened to the public in October.


Absecon Lighthouse is owned by the State of New Jersey,

Department of Environmental Protection,

Division of Parks and Forestry.


It is leased to the IPPA for restoration and operation.



            Absecon Lighthouse

            31 South Rhode Island Avenue

            Atlantic City, NJ 08401

            Telephone: (609) 449-1360

            Fax: (609) 449-1919


Executive Director:

            Jean Muchanic

Education Director:

            Milt Glenn                                                      

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