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Prince Edward Island - Sept 2016, Days 1 - 4 by Judy and Mike Boucher
Prince Edward Island - Sept 2016, Days 5 - 7 by Judy and Mike Boucher
Prince Edward Island - 2016 by Bill Mc Kelvey
Western Lake Michigan - July 2015, Days 1 - 4 by Judy and Mike Boucher
Western Lake Michigan - July 2015, Days 5 - 8 by Judy and Mike Boucher
Western Lake Michigan - July 2015 by Bill Mc Kelvey
Michigan - June 2014, Days 1 - 4 by Judy and Mike Boucher
Michigan - June 2014, Days 5 - 7 by Judy and Mike Boucher
Michigan - June 2014 by Bill Mc Kelvey
Oregon Coast - June 2013
Cape Charles - 2012
Southeast Lighthouses - 2011
Sheffield Island - 2011
Delaware River Cruise - 2011

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Prince Edward Island - 
Sept 2016, Days 1 - 4
Photos by Mike and Judy Boucher

There are many pictures. Please allow time for all to download!!!

Day 1

Our welcome to hotel

The Welcome to PEI Dinner

Cardigan River Lighthouse

Photo lineup at Caridgan Lighthouse

Annadale Rear Range Light

Annadale Front Range Light

Eric Gallant telling the group about Souris East Lighthouse

Souris East Lighthouse

Souris East 4th order lens

Sand and sea glass from around the world

A lens at the Basin Head Fisheries Museum

The cannery at Basin Head Fisheries

Bill Volpe getting one of his winning shots

East Point Lighthouse

Shipwreck Point Lighthouse

The group photographing Shipwreck Point

Our dinning room at Roma Three Rivers

John Bishop talking to one the settlers at Roma

Roma's settlers

Telling the story of Roma's

Day 2

Howard Cove Lighthouse

Howard Cove Harbor

Wind whipping white caps at Howard Cove

Erosion at North Cape

North Cape Lighthouse

Wind Energy Institue of Canada

Wind Turbines at North Cape

A head from one of the wind turbine

One of blades from the wind turbines

Enjoying lunch at Tignish Fishermen Park

Patrick enjoying a lighter moment

Items on the beach

Big Tignish Lighthouse

The former Northport Rear Range Light,
now a private home

Another private home. The Cascumpec
 lighthouse across from bay

Cascumpec Lighthouse from Northport Harbor

The fishing boats at Northport

Oyster sorter with different size holes for sorting

Northport Rear Range

Summerside Outer Rear Range

Summerside Outer Front Range

Indian Head Light

Summerside Rear Range

Summerside Front Range

Day 3

Covehead Harbour Lighthouse and the construction trucks

Covehead Harbor Lighthouse

Leigh our bus driver doing an Island Thing

A dump truck chasing us from Covehead Harbor Light

A giant sunflower

At the Cheese Lady

Making cheese

Aging cheese

A GIANT cheese grater

The line buying cheese

Enjoying the Beach at Cabot Beach State Park

Lunch time at Cabot Beach State Park

The former Fish Island Lighthouse moved to Cabot State Park

The former Malpeque Harbour Approach Range Rear

The quarter mile walk to Cape Tryon Lighthouse

Cape Tryon Lighthouse

The view from Cape Tryon

A colorful fishing village

Anne of Green Gables

One of the bedrooms in the Green Gables

Judy as Anne

The barn at Green Gables

New London Lighthouse

North Rustico Lighthouse

Eating at Lobsterman's Wharf and the 60 foot salad bar

Day 4

Point Prim Lighthouse

Our group listing to our tour guide at Point Prim

A lens at Point Print

The McKelvey's checking for one of his winning photos

The former Wood Islands Front Range Light

The Wood Islands Lighthouse

The Wood Islands Lighthouse from the beach

One of the bedrooms at Wood Island Lighthouse

The former Wood Islands Rear Range Light

Enjoying our lunch at Wood Islands Lighthouse Park

Jacquie enjoying a swing

Haszard Point Front Range Light

Haszard Point Rear Range Light

Patrick enjoying his new 'Cows Creamery' T-shirt

One of the many funny sayings at Cows Creamery

Need a cow outfit

A group shot with THE cow at Cows Creamery

Brighton Beach Rear Range Light

Brighton Beach Front Range at high tide

Brighton Beach at low tide

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