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The New Jersey Lighthouse Society (NJLHS) was formed in 1989 as a state chapter of the United States Lighthouse Society. In 1994, the chapter became the New Jersey Lighthouse Society, one of the largest regional lighthouse societies in the United States. The society counts among its membership more than 1000 people throughout the United States and the world.

The Society is dedicated to fostering an appreciation of the history about and to support the preservation of lighthouses everywhere. The main focus of the NJLHS in these efforts is on the New Jersey, Delaware Bay and New York Harbor regions. Every year, the organization raises funds to help benefit the lighthouses in these areas. Society membership is very active in helping to preserve the
lighthouses of the Garden State.

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Passing of Richard Veit

The society is sorry to report the passing of our esteemed colleague, board member, volunteer and friend.
This was unexpected news
to all of us in the society. Our thoughts and prayers go out out Elinor and her family.

The visitation/service was February 3rd
at 'Church of the Assumption', 146 Pitney Road, Galloway NJ

In lieu of flowers, Elinor requested a donation be made to the Absecon Lighthouse at:
Absecon Lighthouse
 31 South Rhode Island Avenue
 Atlantic City, N.J. 08401

Sandy Hook Souvenir Covers postmarked at the 250th Anniversary are available.
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Updated 3/21/2015
         Next meeting: March 28th
                  VFW Post, Edison, NJ
                 2016 Calendar
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2015 Calendars will be $6 at the meeting.

        Please email: programchair@njlhs if you want to buy
       your $5 lunch (two hot dogs, can of soda or bottle of
       water, bag of chips, sauerkraut, and condiments.
       (Gluten-Free all beef franks but not gluten-free rolls.)
       We need approx. count.

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Updated 2/23/15
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      2015 Lighthouse trip information posted.  6 seats are
remaining. (As of 2/15/2015)

     New flyer posted shows correct start date of July 10.
Michigan trip pictures for all seven days are
     posted. Taken by the Bouchers and McKelveys.

       National Lighthouse Day Presidential Decree.
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      Calendar photo 2014 contest finalists.

     Watch HD lighthouse videos.

      Finns point Gift Shop now a reality.

     Old Orchard Lighthouse destroyed.
    New t-shirt available.

    See photos of previous trips.  
     View past issues of the "Beam"
         All issues thru Dec 2013 are posted
         Updated 10/1/2014.    

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New Photos added  1/6/2015
Views of Conover Beacon after Sandy

   Online Library  

Read old and historic books online
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Sunshine Notes:

A few interesting videos.

 NEW - Now with added HD videos
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Some info on the first Lighthouse

Lighthouse Of Alexandria Sketch

Law of Probability:
The probability of being watched is directly proportional to the stupidity of the act

Did you know!!!
More than half of the coastline of the USA is in Alaska.
Antartica is the only land on our planet that is not owned by any country.
There are no natural lakes in Ohio, everyone is manmade.


1} South & North Mole
2} Europa Point
3} Gibb’s Hill
4} Cabo Espiritu Santo
5} Punta Celerain
6} Elbow Cay
7} Rubjerg Fyr
8} Inishowen Head
9} South Stack
10} Tranoy Fyr



A} Jutland, Denmark
B} Hamaroy, Norway
C} Cozumel, Mexico
D} Holyhead, Wales
E} Freemantle, Australia
F} Gibraltar
G} Southampton, Bermuda
H} Strait of Magellan, Chile
I} Abaco Island, Bahamas
J} County Donegal, Ireland

Trivia Questions
Updated 12/3/14

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Some of New Jersey's treasures

Cape May
Sandy Hook

A few facts about Atlantic City
--  It is the home of the tallest lighthouse in New Jersey with 228 steps reaching 171 feet. It is the 
    third tallest in the United States.
-- The boardwalk was the first built in the United States. Built in 1870.
-- The boardwalk Convention Hall is home to the largest pipe organ in the world. With over 33,000
    pipes, it is the loudest and largest musical instrument in the world.
-- The Miss America competition was originated here back in 1921.

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