The following text of a hand written document was obtained from the National
in Washington DC. in July of 2001 by a descendent of Robert Richardson.
The copy shows original signatures of the petitioners.

Whereas the present Keeper of the Light House at Cohansey Point in this Township did
upon several occasions in the course of the fall inform Robert Richardson that it was
his intention in the course of the present winter to resign his appointment and
recommending to him to make application for the situation as a suitable person.  We
the subscribers without distinction of Party, having long known Robert Richardson do
respectfully recommend him as a suitable and competent person for that station.  He is
an honest industrious man strictly temporate, a professing Christian, has some
considerable experience as a waterman, and has a good knowledge of the duties to be
performed at the Light House having been placed in charge some time by the first
Keeper, Major Miller and having been called upon for the same purpose by the present
Keeper when [he was] absent.  The family of Mr. Richardson consists of a wife and
one child.

Greenwich  December 9th 1843

____ Ewing
William Hoffman
James F, Williams
George S. Ayars
F. F. Ewing
Wm Stewart
____ Fithian
George Bacon
William Cook
John Preston
David Jones
Moses Sheppard
John Jones
John Tomlinson
George Sheppard
Josiah Sheppard
Clarkson Sheppard
William ____
E_____ Fithian
Jospeh Wheaton
Job Sheppard
Seely Shute
Jonathon Hoffman
Job Stites

----------------------------Page 2   (back side of original)------------------------------------

Francis Bacon
Casper W. Sheppard
Benjamin D. Bacon
Sheppard _________
Reeve Stretch
Gabriel Hall
Joseph Cook
John Miller
Reuben Kellogg

The signers of this recommendation are known to me to be respectable men of both political
parties, residing in the immediate vicinity of the Light House; and I am perfectly satisfied
that Mr. Richardson is a sober honest and industrious man.

   _____ H. Elmer
    Dec 15, 1843

Life of Robert Richardson

Robert Richardson was born around 1789 probably in New Jersey.  

There is a record of  Robert Richardson marrying  Mary Garrison in Cumberland County
on September 11, 1817.  From later records, it appears that both Robert and Mary were
born in New Jersey, and therefore their families were also from the area.  Mary was
born about 1796 and was therefore about 21 years old as of the marriage.  Robert was
7 years older than Mary

On February 18, 1846 Robert and Mary sold a house and lot along the road from Bacons
Neck to Greenwich, in Greenwich Cumberland County for $200 to a Job Stites.  They had
purchased the same house and lot in 1845 from Charles Sheppard, his wife, and others. 
On May 15, 1848 they again sold a ¼ acre lot “and premises” located “at or near Wallen’s
Landing” in Greenwich to a John Wood for $400.  There is no record of their purchase of
this lot.  All of these deeds list Robert and Mary as being “of Greenwich” so there is no
indication of them moving to or from Greenwich before or after these transactions.

In the 1850 Federal Census, Robert’s daughter Henrietta is living with her husband
Robert Wible and their family.  Also living with them is Amos Richardson, presumably
Henrietta’s brother.

The lighthouse that ROBERT Richardson worked in was the old Cohansey Lighthouse
near Greenwich, Cumberland County NJ.  His length of service there appears to span
at least from 1844 to 1850.  Other particulars are unknown.

No additional information including death records are known for Robert and Mary Richardson.

Their children were:
1.1.    Henrietta Richardson was born around 1818 possibly in Pennsylvania.  She married
          Robert Wible in the late 1830’s.

1.2.    Amos Richardson  was born around 1823 possibly in Pennsylvania.  He lived with his
          sister Henrietta and her family in 1850 in Greenwich, Cumberland County, NJ and
          worked then as a farmer.  In 1870 he lived in Camden City, South Ward.  He is
          working as a huckster and is married to Hannah (then aged 27) and has a child.

1.2.1.  Amos Richardson  was born around 1868 possibly in Camden NJ.

1.3.    Sarah Richardson was born around 1837 probably in New Jersey.  She lived with
          her parents in 1850 in Greenwich, NJ.