Decoy Lights

It is supposed, from the representations of captain Hatch, of the Proxy, that decoy lights are still continued to be used by the wretches who infest the south shore of Long Island, for the purpose of enticing vessels ashore. Captain Hatch states, that on Wednesday night, the 13th inst., between fifteen miles east of Fire Island, he saw three lights, two of which he supposed to the lights of Highlands, and the other the Sandy Hook light. He stood for them, and was only prevented from running ashore by the wind shifting ahead. The Capt. has no doubt but they were decoy lights. This is a subject that ought to be enquired into. The natural dangers of our coast are bad enough, without having superadded the villainous contrivances of a set of land pirates.

From The Colored American, New York, Saturday, May 13, 1837, Vol. 1 No. 19.

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