NJLHS Preservation

How we have assisted many lighthouses

Cape St. George Lighthouse
On Friday, October 2, 2005 The Cape St. George Lighthouse collapsed into
the Gulf of Mexico. On Monday, December 1, 2008 the reconstructed lighthouse
 was reopened to the public.
The NJLHS was proud to be one of the contributors to the reconstruction.

Tinicum Rear Range Light
Tinicum Light, being in need of new steps leading to the tower, came to the
NJLHS for assistance. We were happy to help them complete this project with
memorial funds that had been donated.

Florida Keys Reef Lights Foundation
The Preservation Fund was able to make a donation to the FKRLF to help
with their quest to take over some of the reef lights for the purpose of
opening them to the public.

Alligator Reef

Carysfort Reef

  Cleaning Lighthouse Fresnel Lenses in NJ
NJLHS volunteers (Wandering Wickies) were able
 to clean two display Fresnel lenses.
One was at the Barnegat Light Museum and the
 other was at the Cape May County Museum.
Pictures are from the Cape May County Museum.

The Wickies:
Standing left to right: Jim Cope, John Ade
Patty Ade, Karl Fahringer, Elinor Veit
Eugene Goch, Rich Veit & Carol Goch.
Kneeling in front: Nanacy Cope &
Ann Fahringer

Pictured with the Wickies is Pary Tell(white Shirt)
Executive Director of the Cape May County Museum

Finns Poi
Finnís Point was given $2,400.00 to refurbish the railing on the
 outer deck of the lantern room.  It was asked what the
State of New Jersey put in?  At this time, the State of New Jersey
 is not in control of the light.  The Fish and Wildlife is and they told
 the Friends of the Light that if the rail was not fixed, no one would be
allowed to climb.  The original idea was a full jumperís cage, but it was
 decided to just add 18 inches to make the rail 4 to 4.5 feet high. 
This satisfied the Fish and Wildlife directors and climbing is allowed.



In 2012, NJLHS made an agreement with Friends of Supawna Meadows to help with their new Refuge store. Following the link below, you will see the inside of Supawna Meadows Refuge building with the gift shop NJLHS member, Al Smith, created from materials from our Sandy Hook store.  You will also see the display case created by NJLHS member, John Ade, to preserve the original lens from Finns Point Rear Range Lighthouse.  George Naill, a dedicated volunteer with NJLHS and Finns Point, had always wished to have the original lens from Finns Point preserved and displayed.  So in his memory, the display case was commissioned by NJLHS and recognized in 2014 at the NJLHS March meeting.

If you watch the slideshow at the bottom left, you can see NJLHS members before the March meeting when the Society visited to see the shop and lens case.


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